Original Artwork

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 1. Contact Tiara to acquire an original piece. Take a look through my portfolio here and come back to this contact page with your name, contact information, and which piece you're interested in acquiring with a starting offer. Tiara will respond within 24 hours.
2. Contact Tiara to start a commission! 
Give a detailed description of what type of painting you want including size.
A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required upon the start of the project. Every commission is created on a birch wood panel and sealed for a lifetime of enjoyment and longevity. The prices listed below are the base prices, depending on the possibility of extra materials and amount of detail the price may increase so be sure to be detailed in your description. Tiara will respond within 24 hours.
Price List: 
16x20 -$320+
18x24 -$432+
24x30 -$720+
24x36 -$864+
30x40 -$1,200+
36x48 -$1,728+
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